Objective 1 - The Johnson County Building Officials Association,  hereinafter known as the "Association", through active participation and cooperation, aims to create a system whereby the individual jurisdictions within Johnson County, Kansas can adopt construction codes and procedures that promote uniformity.

Objective 2 - Through the format of meetings, resolutions, ordinances and inter-local agreements, the Association will assume a role of leadership progressing toward an enhanced level of construction uniformity professional certifications, licensing and education, to better protect the citizens and structures within Johnson County, Kansas.

Objective 3 - Through adherence to our adopted MISSIONNISION STATEMENT, the Association shall promote integrity, honesty, and uniformity in application of the stated objectives of this Article.



Section 1 - General Powers: The business and affairs of the Association shall be governed by the Board of Directors.

Section 2 - Meetings of the Board: Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held not less than twice each year, on a date agreed upon by a majority of the Board.

Section  3 - Special Meetings: Directors, may call for a special meeting of the Board.

Section 4 - Notice of Meetings: Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be distributed to each member of the Board not less than 10 days before such meeting, unless exigent circumstances require shorter notice.  The notice shall contain the agenda or purpose for special meetings.

Section 5 - Quorum: The quorum for the business for the Board of Directors shall be by a majority of said Board.  If less than such quorum is present at a regular meeting, the majority of the Board present may ither adjourn the meeting or act on business and obtain written ratification of its acts by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Board within 30 days of said action.

Section 6 - Vote-ins: All actions of the Board of Directors must be decided by a majority vote of the quorum present.  A tie vote defeats the proposal.

Section 7 - Board of Directors Membership Eligibility: The Board of Directors membership shall be limited to individuals who are duly nominated by the Nominations Committee and elected by the Association membership.

Section 8 - Presumption of Assent: A member of the Board of Directors who is present at a meeting of the Board, at which an action on any matter is taken, shall be presumed to have assented to. said action, unless his/her dissent shall be entered in the minutes of the
meeting.  A dissension may be delivered in writing to such action to the Secretary of the meeting before said meeting minutes have been approved.

Section 9 - Terms of Office: The Board of Directors shall consist of 5 (five) members. The Board of Directors membership shall be appointed for a term of office for 4 (four) years, except for the members first appointed, of which  two shall serve 3 (three) years, one shall serve 2 (two) years, one shall serve (lJ year.. Vacancies occurring before the expiration of a term shall be filled in the manner of the original appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term.  The Board of Directors shall serve without compensation. Board service shall convene annually at the beginning of said calendar year.

Section 10 - Nominations: The Board of Directors shall be elected from qualified applicants whose names are brought forward by the Nomination Committee.



Section 1- Membership: All membership must be consistent with the purposes of this Association.  Membership shall consist of the following five classifications.

Active full-voting member- Each governmental jurisdiction within Johnson County, Kansas shall be eligible for one full voting membership per jurisdiction. Any individual actively employed as a Building Official, Codes Administrator or Code Official, representing a governmental unit, or a designated representative of said jurisdiction, whose  duty is to enforce  and administrate the laws, ordinances, statues,  regulations or provisions relating to building construction and model  construction codes, shall be eligible  as a full voting member.

Professional member - Any individual engaged in the practice  of construction, architecture, engineering, private inspections, research  or related  activities.

Associate member - Any individual, firm or corporation interested in supporting the goals and objectives of the Association.

Retired member- Any individual within the above three categories who is presently retired.

Student member- Any individual attending accredited institutions of higher  learning, above the twelfth  grade, on full or part-time basis.

Section 2 - Transfer: - Membership in this Association is not transferable or assignable. 

Section 3 - Termination: Membership shall automatically terminate if dues or fees are in arrears more than 60 days beyond due date.

Section 4 - Membership Dues: Annual membership dues shall be due and payable to the Association at the beginning of each calendar year and shall be non-refundable. The dues amounts for membership shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.



Section 1 - Election and Terms: Officers shall be elected  at the first regularly scheduled meeting  of the Association, each calendar year.
Section 2 - Termination: Any officer or member may be removed by the Board of Directors whenever, in its judgment, the best interests of the Association will be served thereby.   The Board ofDirectors by affirmative vote of2/3 (two-thirds) majority, may suspend  or expel any member  for cause after an appropriate hearing.
Section 3 - Eliibility: Officers who lose eligibility as an active member or discontinue active membership may not continue to serve as an officer of the Association and shall be supplanted by a qualifying member of the Association at the next regularly scheduled Association meeting. ·
Section  4 - Qualifications: Only Active level members may serve as officers for the Association.
Section  5 - Powers  and  Duties of Officers: Officers must be members of the Board of.  Directors, and shall govern the business and affairs ofthe Association. Officers shall have powers and duties such as are indicated by the title of their offices, but at a minimum, they shall have the foHowing powers and duties:
The President shall call and preside at all meetings of the full membership. The President may appoint members to all standing and ad hoc committees.  The President shall oversee, administrate and develop the Association's objectives to benefit and guide the group towards its stated goals.  The President shall represent the Association in all matters pertaining to leadership and representation.  In the event of the President's vacancy, the V.i. e-President shall succeed to the office of President for the balance of the unexpired term.
Immediate Past  President
The Immediate Past President shall serve to promote participation in the Association activities.  The Immediate Past President shall serve as a full- voting member and shall perform duties the other Officers may request, to the best advantage of the Association.
The Vice-President shall support all stated Association objectives and goals, and assist the President in managing the Association's programs.  The Vice-President shall support and uphold the position of the President in the fulfillment of his/her duties when the President is unable to perform said duties.  The Vice-President shall also be responsible for committee organization. In the event of the Vice-President's vacancy, the Secretary shall succeed to the office of the Vice-President for the balance of the unexpired term.
The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and maintaining of all membership correspondence, minutes, rosters and any pertinent data therein.  The Secretary shall be responsible for the recording and reporting of any Association business related to administrative  functions.  The Secretary shall give notice of all meetings of the Association and shall further carry out other duties delegated by the President and Vice­ President.  In the event of the Secretary's vacancy, the Treasurer shall succeed to the office of the Secretary for the balance of the unexpired term.  The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined and fulfilled by one individual. When one individual serves in the dual function of Secretary/Treasurer, the fifth member of the Board of Directors shall be duly nominated and elected from the eligible membership of the Association. ·
The Treasurer shall account for all financial matters of the Association.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection, investment and disbursement of all funds, physical possessions, or properties of the Association.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for record keeping related to the above assets, including dates of acquisition and disposition. The Treasurer shall render financial statements as the Association may require and shall deposit all funds of the Association to the credit of the Association, in such bank as the Treasurer shall select and the Officers shall approve.  The Treasurer shall have the authority to execute any and all checks, and other negotiable instruments authorized by the Association.  In the event of the Treasurer's vacancy, an individual selected by majority vote of the Association shall fill the balance of the unexpired term.



Section 1 - Committee Nature: Association committees may be designated as either standing or ad-hoc in nature.

Section  2 - Standing Committee: May be of an appointed, voluntary or elective nature. Standing Committee shall consist of members appointed through the Nominating Committee.  Committees shall be designated by the elected officers.

Section 3 - Ad Hoc Committees: Ad Hoc Committees shall be of an appointed, voluntary or elected nature.  Ad Hoc Committee members may be nominated by any member.  Ad Hoc Committee shall serve at the discretion of the President and Vice­ President and shall be dissolved upon completion of the Committee's appointed task.

Section  4 - Nominating Committee: There shall be a Standing Committee on nominations, whose duty it is to present at each first annual meeting a list of nominees for election to office or committee.  Nominating Committee shall consist of not fewer than three, nor more than five, representatives of any listed category of membership. The Nominating Committee shall seek to nominate from the full membership of the Association, those who can best provide effective and dynamic leadership.  In that evaluation, they may consider any relevant factors.



Section 1 - Meeting Schedule: Association meetings shall be held as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, the President, or the majority vote of the active full-voting membership of the Association.

Section 2 - Special Meetings: Any three officers, or .a majority vote of the active full­voting membership present, may call for a special meeting of the Association.

Section 3 - Votine Quorum: Five currently registered active full- voting members of the Association will be necessary to constitute a voting quorum.

Section 4 - Notification: Members shall be notified of meetings not less than 10 days prior, as to the time, place and agenda of the meeting.

Section 5 - Rules: All meetings and committees shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.  A copy of the most recently published edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall be kept on file at all times by the Board Associations' Secretary for review.



Section 1 - Participation; The Association may join,. participate or cooperate with any other national, state, regional, local organization or instimtion which will benefit the Association, and which adheres to the Association's principals, goals and objectives.

Section 2 - Amendments: These by-laws may be amended by the Association members having full voting privileges who are present at any Association meeting.  Amendments shall require a vote in favor of the amendment by at least (2/3) two-thirds majority by the number of full voting members present.  By-law amendments must first be presented in an upcoming agenda with the minimum 10-day notification to the full membership prior to a vote on the amendment.  The Secretary shall provide the written text of the amendment and record any actions appropriate into the by-laws.

Section 3 - Contracts and  Finance: The Board of Directors may authorize any of its elected officers to enter into any contract, or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of, and on behalf of, the Association.  Such authority may be general in nature or confined to specific instances.  The Board of Directors  shall be signatories to such agreements as are authorized.

Section 4 - Indemnification: Volunteer members of the Association and its delegated Committees and Officers, shall have the same indemnification with respect to their liability for damages, costs and expenses for acts or omissions within the scope of their authorized functions of the Associations.

Section 5- Severability: If any portion, provision, rule, article or subsection of the Association by-laws if found to be unconstitutional, or in conflict with any law, statute, regulation, ordinance, the Section in question shall be made severable from the body of this document and shall not affect the balance of the bylaws in any detrimental manner.



I, the undersigned, certify that I am the Secretary of the Johnson County Building Officials Association; that the foregoing by-laws have been duly adopted as the Association by-laws for the operation of the Association, effective November 18, 1998 and were adopted by the Association on this same date; that the foregoing by-laws constitute the by-laws of the Association and that such by-laws are in full force and effect.

In witness whereof, I have set my hand to this certificate this 18th day of November,

 by: Richard D Sternadori, Secretary